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Thank you for your interest in the Cantors Assembly Placement Service. We recognize the difficulty and importance of your search and are eager to help in each stage of your placement process.

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Cantors Assembly Placement Office
55 S. Miller Road, Suite 201 Fairlawn OH 44333-4168

Cantors Assembly Director of Placement - Rabbi Hazzan Jeremy Lipton
Ph: 330.864.8533 x204
Hours:  Monday - Friday:  10:00 am - 2:00pm ET
Email:  jeremylipton@cantors.org

Cantors Assembly Placement Office - Crystle Martin, Coordinator 
Ph:  330.864.8533 x201 Fx:  330.864.8343
Hours:  Monday - Thursday: 10:00am - 4:30 pm ET  -  Friday: 10:00am - 3:00 pm ET
Email:  crystlemartin@cantors.org  


Neal, Congregation Ohev Shalom

Our committee is very appreciative of the candidates that the Assembly has passed on to us, and thus given us the opportunity after less than a month since "going online" to bring to our congregation two accomplished yet very different candidates.

Edward, B’nai Torah Congregation

The help of CA Placement Services personnel, and the available materials, were instrumental in setting direction at the initiation of our Cantorial Search.  The search yielded the absolute perfect candidate for our Synagogue community – can’t do much better than that!

The materials available online through the CA’s Placement Services were very helpful in the initial planning and carrying out of our search.  Each candidate was well prepared to timely provide all of the information we required.  Jeremy and Crystle were always available to help us.

The CA Placement Services is an obvious place to begin a Cantorial search. The materials (see “A Season of Transition”) are excellent, the staff efficient and available, and the candidates typically well prepared.  All of that contributed to our very successful search.

Nathaniel, Ohavi Zedek Synagogue

The Cantorial Assembly and their Placement Services were the perfect partners in our search for a new cantor. They helped us craft our profile and statement of needs, were responsive to the specific challenges that we faced, sent us a stream of highly qualified candidates, and assisted us with communications and the interview process. I began the process with no idea of how it would unfold, and was delighted both by the professionalism of the CA staff, the quality of their systems, and, of course, the superb chazzan we hired.

Marvin, Ahavath Sholom Synagogue

Being chair of the Cantorial search committee is no easy task. Depending on the season which a search is initiated, there may be a few or many applicants. The search committees all need to be on the same page for selection of the proper candidate with skills right for their synagogue. In our Shul, the committee held a Town Hall  meeting with the congregants to find out opinions of what they wanted in a Cantor before a listing was sent to the Cantorial Assembly for prospects. The Cantorial Assembly was truly beneficial and helpful with all the tools needed to get  the qualified candidates.